Writing Dazzlingly Brilliant Essays: Useful Tips for Ambitious Students

Writing essays is not only a challenging task but it also an important exercise in a student’s educational life since it brings forward the best in a student.

With regular practice of essay writing, students are often able to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. But while you are already writing great essays, how do you write brilliant ones? You can make use of some practical tips and techniques which will help you write impressive essays always.

  • Read Essays Written By Others

Your writing style is subconsciously picked up from the books you have read. You can improve your essays consciously by reading well-written essays written by others including those written by academics experts and some well-known authors to develop and better your own style.

Don’t restrict yourself to the subjects you have to write in. Read essays on a wide variety of topics so that you will understand and learn about the different ways these are written in.

Different disciplines may use different ways in which arguments are stated and also the techniques which you could adopt to further develop your skills.

You should also be critical and ask yourself questions about how good you think these are if the arguments have been made well, if these are balanced and supported with evidence, if the writer has used some techniques you may never have thought of.

Once you try to incorporate all these points, you will be able to write better.

Words That Help Develop an Argument

You are counted among intelligent individuals when you do not repeat words and are able to use them effectively while making your arguments.

You need to avoid repeating words/using the same words like ‘also’. Use alternative words like ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘however’, etc.

The reader will readily read your essay as he/she will be impressed with the wide and effective use of vocabulary.

  • Develop Your Vocabulary – Express Better

You need to have an understanding of how to play with words when you write. Once you become familiar with more words and their meanings, you will be able to express yourself much better.

You will be able to state your arguments in a much better manner. Your essays will have an economy of words which is a sign of good essays and make the job of your tutor easier.

A good and wide vocabulary will help you express yourself much more clearly, you will be more accurate as you state your arguments effectively.

You should never stop learning new words and the different ways you could express these. There are various ways in which you could increase your vocabulary.

  1. Subscribe to various services such as – ‘A.Word.A.Day’ or ‘word of the day’ on your email id.
  2. Keeping a dictionary comes in handy. You can refer to it for words you do not know the meanings of.
  3. Build your vocabulary by learning how to use prefixes, suffixes, and roots.
  4. Make use of the thesaurus
  5. Have your own vocabulary book
  • Syntax, Punctuation and the Tone of Voice

Sentence structure plays an important part in your writing. A sophisticated sentence structure is the best way to display your intelligence.

Use a range of interesting syntax and make sure that the reader will be able to understand the sentence you have written.

Sentences could be either too short or long, however, it should not be too long otherwise the reader could find these difficult to read.

Proper punctuation makes it easier for a user to read sentences and also helps in conveying your arguments effectively.

It is important to pay attention to grammar as well since poor grammar will affect the quality of your essay. Also, the reader should be able to understand the sentence when he/she reads it the first time.

The tone of voice should be related to the subject you are writing about. It should maintain an interest in the reader to continue reading the text further.

If the tone of voice is improper, the reader may be bored reading your essay. The formal and academic essay could be made interesting to read with a confident tone and it will also assure readers that you know what you are writing about.

It is also important that you always write in the active voice. This way your essay will be understood by the reader more effectively.

Go through your essay and make the changes from a passive to an active voice. You will yourself realize the difference it makes to your essay.

  • Include What Other Scholars and Writers Say

Many other scholars and writers would have already written on the subjects/topics you are going to write about. You can prepare a notebook wherein you can make a note of the views of such people. It will come in handy for you when you write your essay.

You could add your opinion when you quote and include what others have said. This way you will be able to exhibit your intelligence and reasoning skills, which are the hallmarks of brilliant students.

  • Using the Elevator Pitch

Salespersons often use the elevator pitch technique whereby they persuade people to buy the products they are selling.

They make the shortest possible summary which is an argument in favor of the product so that you could buy the product.

The salesperson has to state his/her argument within the time an elevator may take to reach a certain floor and it should either convince the customer to buy the product or at least want to know more about it.

The elevator pitch for your essay should be such that the readers should be convinced to read through the entire document.

Though it may be difficult, you can write this as a summary which could be the introduction to your essay. This will also help you when you write the essay as you have understood the subject well and know what you wish to say.

This will also help you when you write the essay as you have understood the subject well and know what you wish to say.

By following these tips and techniques, you will definitely be able to write brilliantly dazzling essays as well as improve your writing skills.


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