10 Highly Effective Tips To Write A Successful CV

If you wish to be successful in getting a job, you have to ensure that you have a good CV. While employers go through a pile of CVs to ensure they select the right candidate for a job, it takes only a few seconds for them to decide upon which candidates could be considered for a job.

But there is no need to worry. Our top 10 tricks will help you in writing a good CV which can convince employers to call you for an interview.

  1. Keep It Short

As employers spend only 8 seconds going through your CV, you should ensure that your resume is up to the point and states only the important information. This way you can be sure that your CV will be read. You can give the details when you are called for the interview. A CV should be just two A4 pages long.

  1. Change It as Per Need

Candidates often commit a mistake of send an unchanged CV to all the employers. However, this is a bad practice. Before mailing your CV to a potential employer make sure you do some background research on the company and also check requirements for the job. Then make changes accordingly, stating the skills and qualifications that you have. Your efforts will definitely be appreciated.

  1. Do Not Keep Unexplained Gaps

Employers are sure to take notice if there are any unexplained gaps in your CV. They may not consider your CV as it would make them suspicious about the other stated facts. If you have taken a gap, there may be some reason for it. State it so that the employers are convinced that you are sincere.

  1. Keep Updating Your CV

Keep updating your CV even if you are not looking out for another job. This way you could record your achievements which you need not have to try to remember at a later stage and there is no likelihood of forgetting to mention these.

  1. Add a Personal Statement

Since employers are often busy and do not have enough time to spare, it will help if you state how your experience will be helpful in the job and could convince them to consider you. State this information in your cover letter as well.

  1. Be Truthful

Stating lies in your CV may not be able to get you the job. You may claim to know something you don’t and are likely to be caught in the interview itself or when you start working. Giving false references could also be found out when employers check your background. You may end up not getting any job.

  1. Check for Mistakes

Mistakes in you CV can be noticed easily and are not liked by employers as they become a little unsure while evaluating you for the job. You can use spellchecker and also have someone go through your CV to check for errors.

  1. Be More Creative

Make your CV attractive. Give it a nice image so that the employer takes an interest in going through it. Be a little creative by using graphic design, bullet points, keeping sentences short and leave white space around the text making it easier to read.

  1. State in Figures

State your achievements by giving figures instead of mentioning it vaguely. If you have enabled increase in production or sales over a period, state the time in which and the percentages achieved. Higher figures will sound good (but at the same time remember point 7 above).

  1. Use Keywords

Keywords are necessary when you upload your CV on job sites. Job titles not only help the search engine locate your CV, but it also helps recruiters to easily identify your resume that matches their requirements.


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