Formatting Your Dissertation: 8 Helpful Tips for a Polished Presentation

Formatting your dissertation is an important aspect of perfecting your dissertation writing. This blog will provide you with the important technical knowledge that you need to format your dissertation. Even though most of the formatting requirements are decided by the style guide (such as APA or MLA citation style) that you follow for your dissertation, … Read more

How to Write a Dissertation in 2024

How to Write a Dissertation in 2024

If you are looking for a detailed step-by-step guide to write a dissertation for your graduate or postgraduate course, you have come to the right place. From choosing the topic that your heart is set on to the moment you hand in that final draft, the whole process can make you feel jittery and excited and make you question your self-worth with occasional spurts of exhilaration.

Top 10 Proofreading Services of 2024

Top 10 Proofreading Services

The domain of academic literature is replete, now more than ever, with content from a plethora of discourses that vary across cultures and disciplines. However, even the most meticulous academic must rest their eyes once every often. Just as there is a writer behind every successful manuscript, there also is a committed editor behind every … Read more

10 Words to Avoid in Academic Writing

10 Words to Avoid in Academic Writing

Introduction Whether you’re a native English speaker or studying English as a second language It’s easy to fall into the trap of depending too heavily on stock academic words while learning the mechanics of formatting an academic paper. Yet this attempt to make your writing sound more scholarly might actually cloud your message and frustrate … Read more

Is it Okay to Use First Person in Academic Writing?

Objectivity is typically brought up when academic writing is discussed. Researchers are supposed to conduct their studies in such a way that bias, undue influence, and incorrect results are avoided. This can include blinding research subjects from other research subjects, preventing observers from knowing certain details about their subjects (e.g., age, gender, race, political affiliation), … Read more

Top 10 Online Essay Editing Services of 2024

After you have put in all your efforts in writing an essay, then I can assure you that those bunch of pages means the world to you. Which is why, you won’t want anything to go wrong which will take away the authenticity of your essay. Editing your essay is the most essential part of … Read more

The Difference Between Copyediting and Proofreading

Before going for editing services, the most difficult question one may be grappled with is the difference between the different kinds of editing services. Open the internet and you will find an array of editing services, all with different names and it leaves you perplexed – what do all these services mean and what is … Read more

8 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional Editor

Once you are done writing your manuscript, essay, dissertation, thesis, press release, or even a normal article for your blog, you, for a brief moment, wonder whether what you have written is grammatically and technically sound or not. If that brief moment of self-doubt lingers a little longer, you may eventually come to think of … Read more

Importance of Keywords in Writing Online Text

Search engine optimized articles (SEO) or using appropriate keywords are the fastest means of making your website and your products are known in the cyber arena. If this is important to you, it means you are an Internet marketer or an online seller of products or services and are hell bent on driving the maximum … Read more

Why Editing And Proofreading Of Personal Documents Important?

One of the most common misconceptions in the writing world is that proofreading is only for professional and academic documents. Many believe that only authors and students pay for professional proofreading services while a normal individual can just use the usual word grammar check and ensure that his personal documents are error free. This is … Read more

Why Proofreading Business Documents Is Important?

Business Communication needs to be free of errors and must be able to put your point across in the best manner. When you reach out to business partners, clients, customers and key stakeholders, everything that they receive from you has to be professional and credible. We ensure your communication is concise and crisp. It is … Read more

Avoid the 4 Top Book Formatting Mistakes :

Which Makes You Look Unprofessional There are 4 most common book formatting mistakes which are often made. Following tips will help you avoid making the mistakes. Use of Tabs for Horizontal Spacing There is trouble in store for you if you press the tab key to move the type to the right for indenting or … Read more