Top 10 Proofreading Services of 2024

The domain of academic literature is replete, now more than ever, with content from a plethora of discourses that vary across cultures and disciplines. However, even the most meticulous academic must rest their eyes once every often. Just as there is a writer behind every successful manuscript, there also is a committed editor behind every winsome writer.

With rankings informed by public ratings and editorial evaluations of the service quality, the following is a compiled list of the Top 10 Proofreading Services of 2024. The role of the proofreader has become essential to the writing and perfecting of academic documents, fiction manuscripts, business reports, and even CVs. In recognition of this vital service, several proofreading and editing services have been operating online over the past decade, each competing with its neighbor in terms of quality, speed, and affordability.

The Top Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

1. TrueEditors

TrueEditors, one of the most accurate online proofreading and editing services, prides itself on its use of human editors to carefully peruse the client’s manuscripts and make corrections to further enhance its quality. With a range of services from basic proofreading and structural editing, the editors at TrueEditors meticulously alter the text in the document to reflect the tone, clarity, and language required by the client. Furthermore, TrueEditors also offers a plagiarism report for customers who are concerned about their Similarity Index being very high. They also offer paraphrasing and rewriting services to address the same, making them a very versatile proofreading platform.

Pricing: A document of 1000 words will cost you around $35 for a turnaround period of 24 hours.
Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week 

Over 1100 customers have rated TrueEditors 5 out of 5 on, 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot, and 3.8 out of 5 on SiteJabbers

2. WriteSmartly

Ranked #2 on this list is WriteSmartly, an online proofreading service that offers to better the overall quality of their clients’ documents with a range of editors that specialize in the particular domain or oeuvre of the subject matter. With great skill in dealing with both academic and non-academic manuscripts from clients across the globe, WriteSmartly promises a time-sensitive pricing model with services such as proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, and developmental editing, which has proved to be highly supportive in the drafting of several authors’ manuscripts.

Pricing: A document of 1000 words will cost you around $34 for a turnaround period of 24 hours.
Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week 

WriteSmartly is rated at 5 out of 5 at and 4.6 out of 5 on TrustPilot

3. Scribendi

Securing its rightful position in third place, Scribendi is a brilliant platform that offers proofreading and editing services in a fast, affordable, and professional manner. With specialized support extended to students and professionals who hail from a non-native speaking background, this online proofreading and editing service provider has presented itself as a boon to many individuals across the world who struggle with communicating in proficient English. Scribendi offers a free sample of 1,000 words to be edited via their ESL proofreading/editing services.

Pricing: Scribendi’s prices start at $34.24 USD per 1000 words for a turnaround period of 24 hours

Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 4 hours)

You can read some of the client reviews here.

4. Kibin

With several online tools that support students across disciplines to build their own personal essays and academic papers, Kibin is a very friendly online editing service that tries to build a secure relationship with its client base, who are primarily students and academics. Kibin prides itself in its array of writing experts that can guide you with essays, blogs, academic papers, and many other manuscripts, without compromising on the originality or the academic integrity of your documents.

Pricing: Kibin works on monthly or yearly subscription bases. Their plans start from $59.88 per year.

Kibin has average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

5. Enago

One of the most unique services that Enago offers, as another efficient online editing service, is its publication support packs, which engage with the client to participate collaboratively in a number of steps to be completed for an article to be published in a high impact journal. From selecting a preferred journal that corresponds with the area of your article to assisting you with any post-submission requirements, Enago promises to stick by your side until the very end. The website boasts several editors with PhDs and equivalent qualifications that ensure the technical know-how required to edit highly specific documents.

Pricing: A document of 0-4000 word limit can cost up to $140 and can be delivered in 2 business days

Average turnaround time: 2-10 Business days

On an average Enago received a rating of 3.4 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

6. Wordy

Wordy is an online editing platform that prioritizes convenience much more than many other websites that offer similar services. Running your files, regardless of the format, through several rigorous reviewing and evaluations to determine the feedback necessary to improve upon its quality, Wordy is capable of editing and proofreading documents, manuscripts, business presentations, academic articles, and a variety of other files.

Pricing: Wordy’s prices start at $36.3 USD per 1000 words.

Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 6 hours)

Wordy received 4.5 ratings on TrustPoint.

 7. AJE

AJE is a growing online editing and proofreading firm that specializes in working on academic and scientific documents. The services provided by AJE include – language editing, figure services, translation, formatting, and journal recommendation – all of which can work on rush deliveries without compromising on the quality of the services. The firm has been recommended by more than 3,000 different journals and societies in the academic domain, which proves to be a seal of its efficiency and professionalism. With specialists ranging from general medicine to social and behavioral sciences, AJE and its team of editing professionals are bound to climb up the ranks in the following few years to come.

Pricing: Starts from $30 for a turnaround period of 24 hours.

Average turnaround time: unknown

They have a rating of 3.0 out of 5 on AmbitionBox

8. PaperTrue

With a 4.5-star rating with over 1,960 reviews on, PaperTrue is a popular website that offers online editing and proofreading services for a range of documents such as – academic, business, CV, author manuscripts, and many more. PaperTrue runs two rounds of quality checks on an edited document to ensure a perfectly written manuscript. The firm has prepared a curation of some of their finest works, with academic papers that were published in world-renowned journals, as a report of case studies. One may peruse this document to view the various solutions that the professional editors offered to fix the major issues that the clients faced.

Pricing: A document of 1000 words will cost you around $36 for a turnaround period of 24 hours.
Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week.

You can browse further here.

9. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal has established a rigorous tried-and-tested model they call the “two-proofreader model” wherein, much like it sounds, two proofreaders work on the proofreading and editing services of a single document. This ensures an enhanced rate of accuracy and quality in the client’s manuscript. Furthermore, ProofreadingPal is unique in that it offers a host of turnaround times, ranging anywhere between 30 minutes and 7 whole days.

Pricing: starts with$80 for 24 hours.

Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 24 hours)

They have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot

10. EliteEditing

A rather chic and reliable online proofreading and editing service, EliteEditing is founded on four important tenets that establish it as a professional service provider – expertise, affordability, scalability, and personalization. Claiming itself to be a client-centered firm that focuses on content writing as well as editing, clients that require Search Engine Optimization-enhanced writing or editing of their CVs or documents tend to approach the website. The following services are offered by EliteEditing: line editing, copy editing, proofreading, and content writing. 

Pricing: EliteEditing prices start at $140 per 1000 words for a turnaround period of 24 hours.

Average turnaround time: 3 days

The websites listed above are the top 10 proofreading services that continue to flourish in 2024. For further information in terms of pricing and requirements, feel free to visit the service providers individually. And remember, a writer is only as good as his best editor.

-Arthur Solomon


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