What is a Topic Sentence?

Everything About Topic Sentences You can’t start a paragraph without stating the point you want to make in the following paragraphs. We did the same thing with this one. Every paragraph should, in general, begin with a “topic sentence.” But what exactly is it, and why is it called that? Let’s have a look! Table … Read more

Top 10 Best Academic Research Resources

Top 10 Best Academic Research Resources

You’re fed up with the internet after hours of browsing through Google and pulling up countless clickbait results. You have a paper to write, assignments to complete, and material to learn—and to complete your thesis and dissertation. You’re well aware that quoting Wikipedia or Buzzfeed in your research paper will get you nowhere. Even most academic … Read more

Top 10 Online Essay Editing Services of 2024

After you have put in all your efforts in writing an essay, then I can assure you that those bunch of pages means the world to you. Which is why, you won’t want anything to go wrong which will take away the authenticity of your essay. Editing your essay is the most essential part of … Read more