How to Draft an Appealing Resume

The job market is extremely competitive and hence, your resume needs to stand out among the hundreds and thousands of resumes that hiring managers have to peruse through. Be sure to use resume proofreading services in the UK to get an error-free resume, but you should also ensure the following are part of your resume to make it more appealing to prospective employers.

Keep the Content Relevant

Your resume should demonstrate to the hiring manager about your experience and how it is relevant for the job you have applied for. Do not add material that is unrelated to the job.

Provide Personal Details

Make sure you give your name, address and nationality in the resume. However, you can avoid mentioning gender and family status as they are not relevant to the job.

Create a Profile Summary

Have a stunning profile summary, also known as objective, to showcase your skills and motivation. This will also pique the reader’s interest. So be succinct and precise.

Keep it Short and Concise

Don’t go on and on about your achievements and accomplishments. Keep something to say during the interview. Remember hiring managers are combing through hundreds, if not thousands of applications. So keep your resume short, concise and clear.

Format Your Resume

Spend time formatting the resume by taking care of the font type and size, spacing, headings and layout. Avoid using standardized resume templates. Instead, customize as per your experience.

Tailor Your Resume for the Position

While you may have many accomplishments, refrain from citing all of them. Instead, just choose those that are relevant for the job you are applying for. It will make your resume more attractive to recruiters.


Once you finish writing, edit the resume to improve language and flow, and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If your resume has errors, it will affect your credibility. Resume editing is part and parcel of writing an appealing resume. You can use resume check online tools for this purpose or use a professional resume proofreading and editing service.

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