Pros and Cons of Online Blogging

Besides social media platforms, blogs have become the most popular source of information for readers looking for inspiration, ideas and advice. While just about anyone can take up blogging, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of blogging.

Pros of Blogging

  • It is easy to start your own blog. You can use free templates on Blogger or WordPress to get started without even having your own domain name or hosting. Intuitive features have made it easy to add posts.
  • Gives businesses a way to reach out to prospective customers. Websites are static and once you create your website, it will be difficult to add new content unless you keep changing the content. However, blogs allow businesses to add fresh content regularly and this, in turn, gets visitors returning for more content.
  • Can create an interactive community. If you create posts that are interesting, you will be able to stimulate readers to give feedback and discuss the topic. This allows you to create an interactive micro-community of like-minded individuals.
  • Posts can turn viral. If your blog posts are really good, they can be turned into a viral marketing tool. This can increase visitors to your blog and website.

Cons of Blogging

  • You need to update your blog regularly. A good blog requires discipline; hence you would do well to post meaningful content frequently to keep readers enthralled.
  • Being honest can get you into trouble. If you reveal too much about yourself, it can land you in trouble. For instance, if you crib about a client, another prospect may read it and decide you are not the service provider for them.
  • Blog requires time and effort. While blogging can start out as a hobby, but once traffic increases, it requires time and effort to sustain it. You need to design it professionally and ensure there are no grammar mistakes and typos. Also, be careful while using images.
  • You will need your own domain name and hosting to look professional. If you want to be considered a professional blogger, you will need to invest time and money in getting your own domain name and hosting. Otherwise, you will come across as an amateur blogger.

Blogging can help you earn a living. However, you will have to devote time, effort and resources. You can use blog services that provide blog editing and blog proofreading services to help you create a high-quality blood. Professional blog services UK can help negate several cons of online blogging.

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