Top 10 Essay Editing Services of 2024


If you love writing but do not have the patience to edit your work, consider signing up with an essay editing service. Getting an essay editor on board will make your academic work crisper and easy to read and understand. We have curated a list of some of the best services for essay editing in the industry. 

Submitting your academic writing to any of them will ensure that you keep up your good scores. The professional editors will help present your ideas in a better, systematic way. They will also provide it is well-formatted, which is another must in any college essay. They also give you constructive feedback on your writing.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Essay editing services in the industry this year:  

1) TrueEditors

TrueEditors has an expansive team of professional editors who come with many years of experience in this field. They also have a unique essay editing service for those looking to hire an editor for their academic work. They will go through your college essays to check your vocabulary, grammar, spelling, choice of words, punctuation, etc. They will also give you constructive feedback on your work so it is easier for you to implement it in your next assignment. 

Getting your essay editing done by TrueEditors will also ensure that your sentences flow logically and systematically. You can check the TrueEditors website to learn more about their essay editing service, check reviews, and more.

2) WriteSmartly

This platform has specialized academic editors on board who cater to both researchers as well as college students. The editing service at WriteSmartly is more inclined towards research publication. Even though college students are not the first target audience preference for them, they do offer essay editing services to college students.

3) Kibin

On their website, Kibin calls itself “your essay help hero” They specialize in offering essay editing services to college students across all stages of the editing process — from brainstorming ideas and how to go about writing it to polish ad fine-tuning the draft when it is ready. They have four essay editing service sections on their website that you can pick from paper grader, essay examples, thesis builder, and essay editing. 

4) EssayEdge 

They have specialized in essay editing for far too long. Their editors work on numerous academic documents, and essays are just a part of them. When you book their essay editing service, the platform gets you in touch with an editor who will help you think of the idea, sit with you and guide you on how you can write the essay, the topics you can cover, etc. Once your essays are noted, they will check them for errors, make sentences concise when required, and ensure there is continuity in your work and more. 

They say that all their editors are Ivy League college graduates. EssayEdge is the perfect platform for you if this could add value to your assignments.

5) Scribendi

Scribendi has six editing categories that you can choose from. For students, this essay editing platform provides a quicker turnaround time. If you have any last-minute work that needs editing, you can send it to Scribendi immediately. Under the student category, they have four more sections — essay editing, admission essay proofreading, essay proofreading, and admission essay proofreading. 

The editors will go through your work to check for spelling and grammatical errors. They will also give you feedback on your writing style and continuity in your career and help you see the redundancies that can be avoided in the future.

6) Enago

This is the first publishing platform that also provides editing services. They have six specialization areas that are divided into post-submission and pre-submission stages. 

It has three editing levels: copy editing, substantive editing, and top-impact editing. Researchers mostly avail their services. However, college students can still benefit from their expert essay editing services.

Enago ticks off all the checkpoints in a good essay editing service platform. You can go through their site to learn more about how their editors work, what are the various types of editing they offer, and more.

7) Wordy

Wordy is another editing service that is based out of the United Kingdom. They say that if you avail of their service, then you will save 30 percent of your writing time. Another exciting thing about this essay editing service is that you can opt to have real-time contact with the editor when you write. So if you have any last-minute changes that you wish to make to your essays, then you can directly talk to your editor to have them made.

They also assure that their editor will pick up your draft within 20 minutes of submission. This UK-based company has 56 subjects that come under their online essay editing, and they accept documents for editing in 11 file formats.

8) Oxbridge

Oxbridge editing platform is based in the United Kingdom. Its name blends these prestigious Cambridge and Oxford. They have three types of editing services — Ph.D. editing and proofreading, essay editing and proofreading, and dissertation proofreading and editing. Other than these, if you want to get some documents, emails, and presentations edited, you can also avail their services for the same.

9) EditMyEnglish 

EditMyEnglish have four types of services — translation, academic editing, author editing, and business editing. This is a great editing platform for college students as well as professionals. They also have a special package for the former. This editing platform also has a specialized turnaround package that will ensure quicker submissions of the edited drafts. However, this comes at a higher price than their regular editing service.

10) Wordvice 

Wordvice online essay editing service focuses on academic editing. They also offer business editing services as well as editing for college admission essays. 

Like all editors, they will check your written work for facts, continuity, vocabulary, grammar, spelling errors, etc. They will also offer you valuable feedback on your essays and other academic work.


In summary, these essay editing services meet diverse needs. TrueEditors provides constructive feedback, Editage targets researchers and students, and Kibin offers comprehensive assistance. EssayEdge emphasizes idea development, Scribendi ensures a quick turnaround, and Enago specializes in serving researchers. Wordy enables real-time contact, Oxbridge combines prestigious services, and EditMyEnglish provides diverse editing options. Wordvice focuses on academic editing.



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