Top 10 Best Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

Here is the list of Top 10 Online Dissertation Editing Services:

Writing a dissertation needs a lot of effort and time. If you are putting tons of effort and time into something, you will naturally want the final version to be flawless. Keeping in mind to put all the commas and colons in the right place can be an extra headache, so, it is best to rely on online dissertation editing services.

We value your time and understand the seriousness of your dissertation’s final editing and proofreading before turning it in. You don’t want to get a low grade just because the sentence form, spelling, or grammar aren’t up to par.

#1 TrueEditors

  • TrueEditors provides one of the best and most affordable online dissertation editing services. Proofreading and editing both are included in a single fee. A 1,000-word paper delivered in 24 hours costs USD 39.
  • The right punctuation, syntax, and typography are thoroughly checked during proofreading.
  • Editing for the theme, sound, word use, and sentence form in depth is done.
  • Native English speakers with master’s and doctoral degrees comprehend the technicality of your dissertation.
  • It is fast, low-cost, discreet, and readily accessible 365 days a year

TrueEditors provides paraphrasing services to help you fix any uncomfortable phrases in your paper. It also includes a plagiarism check to ensure that the text is unique. TrueEditors is one of the best Ph.D. dissertation editing services on the market because of the points mentioned above.

#2 WriteSmartly

WriteSmartly takes pride in using only human dissertation editors to rewrite and proofread articles, rather than relying on automation. Although editing and proofreading software has its place, you can also have a person correct your dissertation for 100 percent accuracy, as natural language processing systems are prone to making mistakes due to a machine’s inherent lack of knowledge of how language works.

Proofreading, editing, paraphrasing & rewriting, translation, and material writing are all resources offered by WriteSmartly. The pricing model is time-sensitive, which means that the faster you like the delivery, the more it would cost. For a 1,000-word text, a 24- hour proofreading and editing service costs USD 37.

#3 Scribendi

Scribendi provides the best dissertation editing services. Scribendi’s dissertation editors will not only correct any inconsistencies in the writing, but they will also make appropriate and accurate recommendations to improve the writing style and overall quality of the paper.

Scribendi is also one of the most economical dissertation editing service providers, charging USD 40 for a 24-hour proofread.

#4 Wordy

Wordy is a proofreading and editing company based in the United Kingdom that works on novels, corporate presentations, scholarly journals, and more. The company has worked tirelessly to keep it easier for its customers and have a seamless and quick customer interface, which is a big plus in Wordy’s favor.

Wordy supports 11 different file formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Google Docs, and more. On Wordy, proofreading a 1,000-word text would set you back a little more than USD 40.

#5 Editage

Editage is a proofreading and publishing company based in the United Kingdom. Editage is the tool to use if you are a Ph.D. student looking for a dependable proofreading service for your dissertation.

Editage’s editing services are complemented by a topic specialist who is suited to the paper using an AI algorithm. The topic specialist adds a second layer of assurance to the editing process by vetting and improving the facts and vocabulary of your dissertation.

Editage is one of the most affordable academic paper editing services available, with prices starting at USD 30 for
a 1,000-word text.

#6 Enago

To address the strong academic writing and publishing needs of research writers, particularly those with English as a second language, they offer three levels of editing: Top Impact Editing, Substantive Editing, and Copy Editing.

Regardless of the service you use, they promise that your paper will never be disqualified due to bad grammar or formatting. Enago’s dissertation editorial staff consists of Ph.D./Masters-qualified native English-speaking editors with extensive subject-matter knowledge.

Enago’s expert editing, on the other hand, is more expensive than its competitors; editing a text of up to 5,000 words in 21 days cost USD 840, with prices increasing as word count and distribution speed increase.

#7 Kibin

Kibin is mostly an essay and other literary editing and proofreading facility, but they also proofread scholarly papers. Kibin tests the word use and sentence form in addition to the usual grammar and punctuation checks to ensure that the text is written in a lucid, polished manner. It is affordable as well.

Kibin is a decent option if you are low on time and need professional dissertation editing services for your document. Rates start at USD 40 for a 24-hour distribution of a 1,000-word manuscript.

#8 ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal is a two-person editing service, ensuring that each text is reviewed by two editors rather than just one. A shift of view, no matter how skilled an author is, can be immensely beneficial when reading papers.

A 24-hour distribution of a dissertation will cost anything between USD 30 and USD 100, depending on the word count and the number of resources needed.

The inclusion of a second editor provides a vital safety net to the process, improving the dissertation’s appeal and ensuring that all errors are corrected.

#9 Wordvice

Wordvice edits a variety of scholarly and career literature and has a dedicated team for undergraduate, college, and professional school admissions and scholarship editing. Wordvice charges up to USD 80 for a 24-hour distribution of a 1,000-word scholarly paper.

Wordvice is one of your better options for editing and proofreading dissertations, with editors focused on optimizing the style, consistency, and coherence of your work.

#10 EliteEditing

If you are a perfectionist and want everything to be just right then EliteEditing is the best editing website for you. EliteEditing is one of the best dissertation editing service providers because it has a wide range of editing and proofreading services for all types of scholarly content. It will cost up to AUS 130 to edit a 1,000-word text in 24 hours.

EliteEditing’s service is distinguished by the fact that each reviewed dissertation is accompanied by a letter from the editor outlining all of the revisions made to the dissertation as well as suggestions on how to develop it further.


In summary, choosing top-tier dissertation editing services is crucial for refining your work. TrueEditors leads with comprehensive services, while WriteSmartly’s human dissertation editors ensure precision. Scribendi combines correction with insightful recommendations. Each service has its strengths, offering unique solutions tailored to specific needs and preferences. Happy editing!

-Isabell S.

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