The 10 Best Dissertation Editing Services in 2024


Editing can seem daunting, especially after you have spent a lot of time writing your drafts. And editing your dissertation can feel arduous, especially after all your time in writing it. However, editing your dissertation is a necessity. Did you know you can hire professional dissertation editing services to get this load off your back? An editor will check your work for grammar rules, syntax, and tenses, among other technical cues. It can be easy to miss out on these when you spend so much time writing your dissertation. 

We have compiled a list of 10 top dissertation editing services you can opt for this year. And the best part is you do not need to submit physical drafts to have them edited. It can all be done virtually as well. So let’s begin!

1. TrueEditors

If you are looking for a full-proof dissertation editing service that will ensure your work is without any editor, then TrueEditors should be your choice. While we offer our services to authors, job applicants, and businesses, we have a dedicated team for those who avail of our dissertation editing services. Our rates are also better-placed than most of the others. Our dissertation editors will quickly turn around a 1,000-word document to you within 24 hours for $32. We also have a 4.5 out of 5 rating on You are not required to be a UK resident to have your work edited by TrueEditors. You can avail of our dissertation editing services from anywhere in the world. You can go through our website for more details. You can also have a sample piece edited to see if our quality of work suits you.

2. Wordy

This UK-based dissertation editing service is virtual. The firm provides proofreading and editing services to writers, businesses, employees, and academicians. Clients can easily navigate their website and also take a tour to understand their ordering procedure. Their dissertation editing software can access and process your work in 11 file formats, including PDF, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Docs, and LaTex. Getting this dissertation editing service to proofread your work will cost over $40 for 1000 words. 

3. Scribendi

This platform provides dissertation editing services and editing for novels and academic and personal documents like resumes, emails, or cover letters. They charge around $40 for a 1000-word paper that will be completed within a day. At Scribendi, all communication is virtual. You can look at their website for more information on their services.

4. Editage

Students usually use Editage for academic purposes. If you hire them to edit or proofread your dissertation, you will get a crisp, error-free copy back from the dissertation editors. Even if you are a student looking at publishing your work in journals, this is a great firm to hire. Over 1,600 international journals have recommended the dissertation editing services of Editage, so it is one you will find helpful. On their website, they have mentioned the four-step comprehensive editing process that the dissertation editors use. You must pay $30 for 1000 words if you want to avail editing service. 

5. Kibin

In the editing industry, Kibin is the first dissertation editing service to come to mind when you think of an essay. They only specialize in editing and proofreading essays and are undoubtedly one of the best in the business. If you check their website, you will find their Essay Examples Library that you can go through for inspiration to begin with your essays and also look at the quality of their work. You can have your essays edited by them for grammar, punctuation, syntax, tenses, word usage, etc. Their editing services will cost you $40 for 1000 words. 

6. Enago

Enago also offers translation, medical writing, and statistical analysis services, apart from the usual dissertation editing service. They have a unique rewards club feature you can use if you decide to hire their services regularly. The dissertation editors onboard Enago’s team are qualified in English with a Ph.D./Master’s degree with many years of experience. Their team is also further segregated into experts, who will review your work based on your written topic. 

7. Wordvice

Wordvice is often used by students, writers, scholars, businesses, and researchers across the globe. It is also a popular dissertation editing service because the Wordvice team specializes in editing academic writing. They will check your draft for sentence formation, syntax, tenses, redundancies, etc. 

Students do not just use Wordvice for its dissertation editing services; they also use it while applying to universities. The company is big on editing work for scholarship applications, admissions, and school and college essays. They charge $80 for 1000 words and deliver the work within a day. 

8. Proofreadingpal

This is not your regular dissertation editing and proofreading service. It has not one but two editors on board that will look at your work. They pride themselves in offering microscopic dissertation editing services, pay attention to detail, formatting, clarity, etc. If you want to hire Proofreadingpal’s dissertation editing services, they will charge you up to $100 to submit the work within a day, depending on the document, word count, and formatting. 

9. EditMyEnglish

This company is affiliated with Grammar Labs. Its inception in 2004 was purely to help the international population at Purdue University. However, it covers almost every American university, and they specialize in dissertation editing services. 

Their experienced editors will check your work for clarity, redundancies, quality, sentence formation, tenses, etc. They pride themselves on 100% grammatically accurate results. Their dissertation editing services are also tracked. EditMyEnglish charges $6.49 per page, according to their website. 

10. EliteEditing

One of the most famous dissertation editing services in Australia, EliteEditing, has editors on board who are Ph.D. qualified. They specialize in academic editing and coaching to help you improve your writing. If you give them a 1000-word document, they will return it to you within a day for AUS $130. 

So here are the top 10 editing services that can help make your dissertation flawless. However, if you are looking for free services, you can try dissertation editing software such as Ginger Grammar Checker, Grammarly, or the Hemingway App. 

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