Even though these two formats are the most obvious, whether you’re a professional writer or an entrepreneur, there’s another format that allows you to reach more people and sell more copies.

Due to its accessibility and convenience, this format has been more popular in recent years, and the market is rapidly expanding.

Create an audio version of your book, which is commonly referred to as an audiobook.

An audiobook is a voice recording of a book’s content that is read aloud so you can listen rather than read. Many people, young and old, love listening to audiobooks for the following reasons:

  • You can listen to it from anywhere.
  • Just take pleasure in being read to.
  • You are able to listen while doing other things.
  • They have the ability to listen at a faster rate than they regularly read.

The new kid on the street is audiobooks. Similar to how eBooks affected traditional publishing, audio publishing is also challenging eBooks.

You can enter a billion-dollar market by developing an audio version of your book, and it’s just going to get bigger. Of course, this can only help you reach out to more people, sell more books, and earn more money.

But before you make that decision, think about whether your book would make a decent audiobook. If you answered yes, consider the advantages of creating an audiobook and the steps required to get started. Then you’ll know when it’s time to convert your book to an audiobook.

Is your content suitable for an audiobook?

If your book’s plot or message is dependent on charts, diagrams, and graphs, it will be difficult to convey to listeners rather than readers.

A page or two of photos might not make much of a difference, but if your book has a section full of photos or if you’ve splattered pictures or artwork throughout, it won’t translate well to audio. Similarly, any graphic lettering or purposeful book design will be overlooked by listeners.

Is your book written in sequential order? The audiobook adaptation of a linear story or narrative book works effectively. If you’ve created a cookbook, guidebook, reference book, or any other book where readers bounce back and forth, it’s simply not acceptable content for an audiobook.

Statistics show growth

The audiobook market is expanding, causing the e-Publishing sector to branch out into new and exciting directions. The global audiobook market was worth $2.67 billion US in 2019, according to Grand View Research.

The audiobook market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4 percent from 2020 to 2027. For authors and publishers looking to expand their audience, this is great news.

The business will continue to rise to new heights of popularity as more people gain access to devices that can play audiobooks.

Benefits of audiobooks

Benefits of AudioBook

1. Improves Accessibility

One of the most important advantages of audiobooks is that they make eBook literature more accessible to people with disabilities all over the world.

According to the World Health Organization’s recent report on blindness and vision impairment for the year 2021, at least 2.2 billion people worldwide have some degree of vision impairment.

These impairments range from minor vision impairment to total blindness. Audiobooks are altering the lives of persons with moderate, severe, or complete blindness.

Could you imagine without being able to watch your favorite movies or read your beloved books? This has been the reality for many people. People with severe vision problems had to rely on brail copies of books before audiobooks, which many publishers did not provide.

Making your book into an audiobook will allow you to reach a larger audience with your tale or information.

2. Attracts Non-readers

Are you aware that some people refuse to read books? It’s not because they despise reading or have difficulties with their hands or vision. Some of them, in fact, are voracious readers. They are referred to as nonreaders since they solely listen to audiobooks instead of reading.

They will not be interested in a book if it does not offer an audio version. You’ll completely miss out on this set of people if you don’t have an audio version of your book.

Offering your book as an audiobook, on the other hand, can help you connect with this audience and increase your chances of selling more copies.

3. Makes Translation easier

Accessibility does not just apply to disabled people; it also applies to people who speak a foreign language. While English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is only the third most widely spoken language among native speakers.

Spanish is ranked second, while Mandarin Chinese is ranked first. Following these three is Hindi in fourth place, followed by Bengali in fifth.

Despite the fact that many people speak English as a second language, they may prefer to consume media in their native language.

They may also lack a strong enough command of the English language to fully appreciate books or audiobooks. It may be useful to translate your book into another language to achieve this goal.

In comparison to ordinary eBooks or physical books, audiobooks provide additional translation alternatives.

Many people may struggle to read due to literacy challenges or limits. Audiobooks that are translated into the audience’s native tongue help to bridge this divide. Educational texts for all ages are a good example. Alternatively, learning resources for dyslexics.

4. Make more money

Creating an audio version of your book is a smart strategy to add to your income stream and increase your profits.

Your opportunity to reach a big audience of interested readers is severely decreased if you don’t turn your book into an audiobook, because you won’t be able to sell to:

  • Those who listen to audiobooks instead of reading because they are too busy to read
  • Audiobook listeners who aren’t readers
  • Those who are unable to read due to factors beyond their control, such as eyesight, dyslexia, or advanced age.

All of these folks add up to a large audience that you’re missing out on, but as soon as you make an audiobook, you’ll be able to take advantage of every possible chance to boost your sales and start smiling all the way to the bank.

5. Improved storytelling

With the exception of television and cinema, an audiobook can capture the soul of your tale in a manner that no other media can, according to storytellers and fiction authors.

Getting your novel transformed into a TV show or feature-length film might be difficult unless you know a producer. Getting an audiobook, on the other hand? Not at all.

Using an audiobook to tell your story provides a sensory level that a traditional book or eBook lacks. Not only does the listener need to visualize the story, characters, and locations in their mind’s eye, but they can also perceive noises to go along with it.

All of this is ground-breaking for the e-Publishing industry. They can use sound effects, musical compositions, and great voice actors to give their characters distinct voices.

It’s as near to having a full-fledged TV show as one can go without having one! It enables you to communicate your story in a unique way, which can greatly enhance the listener’s experience.

6. Never be concerned about running out of stock

Because a digital file is always available, you don’t have to worry about having your book in stock. Due to the media buzz, one publisher recently released a title ahead of time.

There weren’t enough books printed in the first run to meet demand, and by the time the media buzz died down, no one cared about the book. Fortunately for the author, the book was available in audio format via instant download, and, well, let’s just say that his audio version of the book made him a lot of money.


It’s usually a smart idea to diversify your income from your novel, especially if you’re going into the audiobook industry. Audiobooks are incredible.

They are original and creative, and they assist in telling tales and sharing content in a unique way. They can not only improve the content of an eBook, but they can also give a wide range of people access to the material you write.

Making your book into an audiobook opens up a world of possibilities for you. If you have the financial means, having an audiobook produced will only help your chances and reach as a storyteller.

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