Tips for ESL students for perfect writing

ESL English may be hard for you, an ESL student, but imagine the plight of the teacher who has to check your written work! As an ESL student, you can improve and perfect your writing skills by using the following tips:

Upgrade Your Vocabulary

It is convenient to use just the words you know to write essays, summaries and answers. While this will be understandable, you need to make an effort to improve your knowledge of words and actively use them in your writing. Use a dictionary to figure out the correct meaning of words and then try to incorporate those words in your next writing, if possible. Set a target to learn X number of words each week and then use them actively. You can improve your ability to write English by improving your vocabulary as it will give you a better understanding of expressions, idioms and words.

Understand the Mistakes You Make

More often than not, a large number of ESL students make simple or small mistakes and this drags down their writing. If you cannot figure out your mistakes, check the work corrected by your ESL teacher. You will find some mistakes are repetitive, mixing up articles or using similar sentence structure constantly. Create a list of your mistakes and then use it as a checklist to refer to when you are writing. This will help you spot problems quickly and take remedial measures.

Tape Your Writing

A research by an English university has found that it does not matter which order the letters of a word are, you will be able to read as long as the first letter is in place. Read your writing aloud and tape it. Then listen to the recording. This will help you identify mistakes and make the necessary corrections.

ESL document proofreading is important. Proofread anything you write before submitting it to your ESL teacher. If you are not confident, you can use an online ESL document check tool or use a professional editing services for ESL. Such proofreading services for ESL will highlight your mistakes and help you improve your writing by suggesting alternatives suited for your level of English.