It’s finished now that you’ve worked hard on your thesis, stayed up late at night, developed raccoon-like eyes, and come close to crying several times. It’s finished. The difficult part is over.

The following step is to modify your thesis. It’s usually a good idea to have someone else look through your thesis since they can detect errors or places for improvement much more quickly than you can.

You may send it to a professional editing and proofreading agency instead of emailing it to your friends or instructors. Professional proofreading and editing services use qualified and experienced professionals that understand how to revise your thesis constructively.

Letting the experts do what they are best at will be a wise decision. They will provide recommendations to strengthen the content and structure of your thesis in order to make it more engaging.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of and do before sending your thesis to be edited-

1. Is your thesis statement in tune?

Any engaging and successful thesis must have a thesis statement. It not only establishes the essay’s topic, but it also communicates something important to the reader. Setting your thesis statement in stone is crucial since it highlights the essay’s main point and explains why it is significant.

Make sure your thesis statement and your thesis are in alignment. When you submit it to a professional thesis editing service, the editors will point out areas where it needs to be improved, but you must ensure that the thesis does not wander too far from your thesis statement.

2. Is your thesis prepared according to the format?

A professional thesis editing and proofreading service will address errors in the specified format and highlight places where the format must be followed. To do so, you must first choose the structure in which your thesis will be written.

If you don’t provide a format, the service will have a hard time determining what you want, and you might not get the best results.

3. Is it appropriate to share it to your friends for feedback?

It’s usually a good idea to have a second pair of eyes review your work. This is because they will provide you with feedback and let you know if there are any areas where you should concentrate your efforts. You can submit your thesis to friends for feedback, but you should also have it reviewed by a professional thesis editing service.

4. Should you do your editing first?

It is normal practice to edit your own thesis. You double-check it for grammatical, punctuation, language, and content errors. It’s acceptable if you edit it first as if you’re fine-tuning it yourself.

The thesis editing service needs to perform a lot less basic work, so it can get right to the important parts of providing you content, structure, and more complicated grammar terms advice.

5. Should I submit it for editing to my professor?

Your professor is the most qualified professional authority on the subject of your thesis. When you ask them to revise and proofread your thesis, though, you will be asking too much.

That is why instructors frequently recommend TrueEditors to their students because they believe that editing and proofreading the thesis, along with the extra job of advising them on the subject of their essay, takes too much time.

6. Is this thesis editing service suitable for my research paper?

This is the last question you should consider before sending your thesis to be edited. There are several thesis editing and proofreading services available, but you must first create a list of what you want the service to accomplish.

We have specialized academic editors at TrueEditors that have dealt with dissertations and thesis before and are familiar with the format and structure.

7. Is the language specified?

When submitting your thesis to a professional editing service or editor, specify the language in which the complete work should be prepared and checked.

There are minor differences between American English and British English, such as how quotations are punctuated. It has the ability to modify the way your dissertation is edited. That is critical.

8. Is there any special formatting you want?

A professional editor will ensure that your dissertation is consistent throughout. However, enlisting the help of a professional editing agency to ensure that your ideas are clear and understandable is a smart idea. Please mention up front whether you have statistical equations that were prepared in LaTex.

9. Have you provided all the details about your thesis?

Anything unusual about your thesis (for example, LaTex formatting) must be described in detail. There is no such thing as providing too much information to an editing service! They will then inform the editor of your requirements.

A competent editor can give your dissertation the polish it needs to shine. You put in a lot of effort, so be sure you finish it!

10. Did you request for technical editing?

When you hire a professional editing service, there are a few things you should ask for to guarantee that your document is flawless. First and foremost, always request technical editing. It guarantees that citations, footnotes, references, and bibliographies follow your style guide’s standards.

Similarly, when making an order with a professional editing service, make sure you clearly explain the style guide that controls your document. Your dissertation will be better prepared if your editor has more information and details.


Before sending your thesis to a thesis editing service, you should ask yourself the following questions. The only tears you’ll shed will be joyous ones when you see what you want: a flawless thesis.

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