What is a Thesis?

One’s academic life is full of newness at every step. There are so many things to learn in a short time. To be able to implement those things in life after college is another part of the learning process. You must have written several academic and research papers by now. There is a step-by-step process … Read more

Dissertation Editing Tips

Dissertation Editing Tips From a Professional Editor Towards the end of your student journey come dissertations. Though they resemble research papers, they are longer and more tedious. Dissertation tips and tricks can help you write, but dissertations test you in a lot of ways- right from when you are brainstorming questions and possible arguments, to … Read more

The Ultimate Dissertation Toolkit

Your university journey which is full of academic papers, ends with a dissertation. It is similar to a research paper in terms of structure. An ultimate dissertation toolkit is available because of the variety of resources that are accessible to you! Starting with a question you want to work on, go on to getting more … Read more

The Last Minute Dissertation Checklist

Dissertations are long academic pieces that answer particular research questions. A dissertation is an important part of the grading system for a university course. So, you must structure your dissertation well and format it in a specified way. To help you with your dissertation, we are providing you with a few essentials of the dissertation … Read more

What is an Appendix in a Dissertation?

An appendix is an index at the end of a dissertation or thesis that gives additional information about the dissertation. The purpose of an appendix is to include information that is does directly answers your main question or is not important to understand your answer. New information can be used as items included in the … Read more

How to Write a Conclusion For a Dissertation?

As you start your process of writing dissertation, the format of writing a dissertation needs to be kept in mind. Though a conclusion comes at the very end of a dissertation or research paper, it is extremely important. It is supposed to convey what you have deduced from your research. Its crispness needs to include … Read more

The Evolution of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most important art forms known to humankind. Societies have formed, communicated and become immortal through this art form. Value systems, lifestyles, cultures have been preserved or have changed with time because of the distinct stories that emerged in various human settlements. As stories were told by one individual … Read more

Choosing a Dissertation Editing Service

One of the best things you can do before you submit the final draft of your dissertation is to have it checked by a professional dissertation editor. This is because a fresh set of eyes will be able to spot the errors and gaps in your document in a much better way than you can. … Read more

6 Tips to Self-Edit Your Dissertation

Dissertations are mostly written at the end of a graduation program. For most students, it is an initiation into doing research work. Any research work would only come across as half-baked if it hasn’t gone through several drafts as well as several rounds of editing and proofreading. Self-editing includes all the changes you make to … Read more

8 Tips for Formatting Your Dissertation

Formatting your dissertation is an important aspect of perfecting your dissertation writing. This blog will provide you with the important technical knowledge that you need to format your dissertation. Even though most of the formatting requirements are decided by the style guide (such as APA or MLA citation style) that you follow for your dissertation, … Read more

How to Prepare Your Dissertation Defense?

Writing a dissertation is definitely a time-consuming and arduous task. After you have completed the written part of your dissertation, you might have to take part in a defense, in which you will present the ideas of your dissertation for approval by the committee members. This blog contains all that you need to know if … Read more

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Writing an introduction will be one of the first things you do while writing your dissertation. This blog will detail the various dissertation components, the introduction format, and the things to keep in mind while compiling an introduction for your dissertation or thesis. This Article Covers: What is a Dissertation Introduction? The introduction is the … Read more