Difference Between Proofreading and Editing

Did you just finish writing your article or dissertation? Are you confused about what to do next? Then, you are in the right place. Let me take you through the step-by-step process before you submit your final draft. The most common confusion is generally between editing and proofreading. Many first-time clients of an editing firm … Read more

The Different Types of Proofreading

Mistakes, no matter how small, degrade your writing piece. You put in immense effort day in and day out and your article gets rejected due to some minor mistakes. It is very human of us to overlook these mistakes. Here, comes the importance of proofreading. If you are a writer then you are already aware … Read more

A Simple Guide to Proofreading

What is Proofreading? Proofreading is the process of correcting mistakes like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and punctuation in an article. Proofreaders also sometimes, point out problems with structure, terminology, and accuracy of use, which are corrected by copyediting. The term “proofreading” originated in the printing industry. Publishers used to print a “proof” copy of a text … Read more

The Top 10 Online Proofreading Services in 2024

Proofreading is very crucial before the final submission of any document. Thorough proofreading can drastically change the quality of your document or any writing piece and make it flawless. By now, we all know the necessity of proofreading, which is maybe why you are here, looking for the best online proofreading services. When it comes … Read more

A Detailed Guide to Structure a Dissertation

A dissertation or thesis refers to a lengthy scholarly paper focused on an original study. Your dissertation will likely be the longest piece of writing you have ever completed. Hence, it can certainly be challenging to figure out where one would begin and what the structure of a dissertation would look like. Typically, the arrangement … Read more

Best Fields to Choose your Dissertation Topic

Choosing one topic for your dissertation is one of the toughest decisions that one needs to make. You will always have second thoughts and be less confident when it comes to topic choosing. A dissertation is not something you complete the day before the deadline. When you’re getting able to begin your project, there are … Read more

Choose your Dissertation Topic in Just 8 Steps!

Choosing the right topic for your dissertation can be a major challenge because your choice of the topic determines a lot of things. It determines whether or not your research will go smoothly. Thoughts of changing the topic after you are half done with your dissertation can be very tiresome and mentally draining. So, choosing … Read more

Top 10 Online Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

Writing a dissertation needs a lot of effort and time. If you are putting tons of effort and time into something, you will naturally want the final version to be flawless. Keeping in mind to put all the commas and colons in the right place can be an extra headache, so, it is best to … Read more