What does “Bee” in “Spelling Bee” Mean Exactly?

We all know well that spelling bee is a competition, in which the participants are asked to spell words, mostly with a fluctuating grade of difficulty. However, if you ask someone exactly what does ‘bee’ in ‘spelling bee’ means, they will probably be clueless. In fact, it would not have be surprising if Frank Neuhauser, … Read more

Apostrophe Catastrophes

Apostrophes are one of the most battered punctuation marks in the history of English grammar. All you need to do is look at the billboards, marquees, street signs and roadside advertisements, and you will realize that only a very minuscule minority actually knows how to correctly place their apostrophes. Let us have a look at … Read more

What Are the Easiest Languages for English Speakers to Learn?

English is now a world language; however, knowing just one dialect is not enough to compete for a global job.  Learning an additional language makes you culturally competent. It not only builds your professional rapport but is also an extremely valuable and marketable skill in the current and highly competitive job world. And anyways, with … Read more

Why Editing And Proofreading Of Personal Documents Important?

One of the most common misconceptions in the writing world is that proofreading is only for professional and academic documents. Many believe that only authors and students pay for professional proofreading services while a normal individual can just use the usual word grammar check and ensure that his personal documents are error free. This is … Read more